Rubicon Planning provides RPLANS TAB support and can provide specialized, customer-specific analysis to meet specific installation needs.

The Tabulation of Existing and Required Facilities (TAB) is the backbone of the Real Property Master Plan (RPMP). An accurate TAB provides a dynamic snapshot of organization or installation facility assets, allowances, requirements, excesses and deficits. An accurate TAB is critical for developing and implementing the RPMP Short Range Component (SRC) and Capital Investment Strategy (CIS).

Rubicon Planning helps RPLANS users capitalize on an accurate and dynamic TAB throughout the Army’s Master Planning community; ensuring that the snapshot RPLANS presents is accurate. This support includes:

RPLANS TAB Analysis and Optimization - Rubicon helps installations troubleshoot the RPLANS TAB and identify critical excesses and deficits, and develop specific and actionable recommendations on dynamic force structure, assets, and requirements data.

Requirements Analysis - Rubicon uses standard Army planning criteria methodology and, where appropriate, automated systems to develop facility requirements that meet the specific needs of organizations and missions. Rubicon provides this support for specific FCGs, organizations and units, or at the installation level.

Construction Program Support - Rubicon uses RPLANS and associated systems and processes to help installations justify DD Forms 1391 and other programming documentation.

RPLANS Administration - Rubicon also provides RPLANS administrative and oversight support to help the installation ensure the recommendations are accurately and completely implemented.

The Real Property Planning and Analysis System (RPLANS) is the Army’s primary means for developing, reporting and maintaining the TAB. RPLANS captures force structure, asset, construction, allowance and requirement data from the Army’s corporate databases, and allows installation users to edit requirements to reflect specific mission facility needs that cannot be captured in an automated environment. RPLANS-generated TABs are recognized by HQDA as part of the justification of construction programs.

Planners at IMCOM Regions, MACOMs and HQDA use the TAB in RPLANS for stationing, SRM and MILCON funding decisions, and in many other actions that directly impact the installation. An inaccurate TAB can result in a critical facility shortfall that can directly impact the mission readiness of a unit.